Podcast 129 - Part 3 of 3 - How To Get Client 121's & Know If They Are Hiring Before

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Podcast 129 - Part 3 of 3 - How To Get Client 121's & Know If They Are Hiring Before This third one is called Podcast preacher. With the podcast, you can get number one on iTunes if you use the right strategy, right template, etc. get a media authority and to get that you need to identify the top 50 companies you wanna do business with, run a survey. Run a hybrid of the white paper in part 1 and the webinar in part 2. Survey those who are hiring, you'll run an interview strategy with them. You get authority with them because they are part of your podcast. Then they will become leverage able. You will have very specific metrics and be systematized. With this, you can plan ahead of time. Timestamps: [00:00:45] Podcast Preacher [00:01:05] How to get leverage on your niche [00:02:34] Systemise with this strategies Andy PS I am holding a weekly 30 minutes "Recruitment Search Business Owners Power Systems And Hacks" broadcast. Tell me what you need here: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/power-hacks-survey Talk to us here: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/fast-track-call PPS I will be hosting a broadcast that will tackle the 9 Lockdown Recruitment Search Success Drivers every owner needs to follow. Here is the link to register: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/the-lockdown-recruiter

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