Podcast 134 - Your Recruitment Niche Is No! Here's Why!

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If you’re thinking that your niche is the problem, and you decide either “You don’t want to change niche” or “You don’t know the niche”. If you’re thinking niche will be the savior to you, cause things are not working now, remove that. There are many ways to analyze how you're going to operate, but you need to be clear about what niche you intend to work within. Usually, the problem is NOT the niche. I have shared this video explaining why you’re niche is not the problem. How you’re operating your niche now is how you will be operating your new niche. Check out the video here The Laptop Recruiter™. If you’re a single entrepreneur it’s even tougher now, what you will do is find an excuse to push things back. So, what you need to do on your niche is: Do an inventory on how you operate as a Recruitment Entrepreneur Why are you shifting from this niche to that niche? Think of the benefits you'll get from this, as well as the downside.

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