Podcast 135 - Candidates Made Simple - Search OR Recruitment

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In your Recruitment / Search Business, you need 1. The role, T&C’s signed. Ideally retained and high fee 2. The matching candidate, top 2-5%, probably passive, and a direct match for the client, role and culture. Whether you’re a Recruitment or Search business, there is a finite number of candidates who are qualified for that role. As a Recruitment / Search Business Owner or Desk Owner, you need to know what that number is AND have them in your ecosystem. We live in a digital age. Getting all of those in your ecosystem is a must, without it. You are behind the curve ball from the start. You are old school. Candidates should not be complex, but we’re making it complex. Getting them the Recruitment 4.0 way is the methodology - watch how and why The Laptop Recruiter™. As a recruitment entrepreneur, you need to be aware of what your constraints are. But candidates really shouldn’t be one. Don’t complicate getting candidates. Comment your thoughts below! Andy Whitehead - The Laptop Recruiter™

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