Podcast 136 - The Bulletproof Recruitment Entrepreneur

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The Bulletproof Recruitment Entrepreneur Being a Recruitment / Search Entrepreneur is tough. Being an Entrepreneur is one of the bravest things you can do. Let alone in recruitment where you do not have just one client. Essentially you have TWO. The client & the... The candidate This video is an eye-opener and might give you the courage to keep going in your Recruitment / Search Business. We all know life is tough but being an Entrepreneur is 10x harder in these times. In this industry, You will experience 3 phases: Act 1: You’re excited and you are starting your business. Act 2: Something happens. Usually, things get out of control, and everything goes to hell. Act 3: You come back stronger. Recruitment / Search Entrepreneur is tough. However, what you’ve got here is the ability to create wealth. Keep learning and get control of your knowledge & thoughts. When you can control your thoughts, you can control your actions. Your daily habits and rituals will turn you into a millionaire or a 7-figure business owner. You will experience success and loss, 5 years of success, and 2 years of loss. You will not stay on your lost moments forever. Just know that your loss is part of the process but get your knowledge in shape. Comment down below your question or if you feel like It's a confidential question PM me directly. Andy Whitehead - Recruitment Entrepreneur The Laptop Recruiter™

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