Podcast 138 - Should I Go Into Partnership In My Recruitment Business?

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Should I Go Into Partnership In My Recruitment Business? Big questions. “Andy, Should I go into partnership with my buddy, colleague, business acquaintance?” “Andy, I have gone into a partnership and now I am in a less than optimal position. What do I do next?” When It comes to the partnership the first thing to do is to view a worst-case scenario. Be aware that things will always change, so start thinking. When this trigger happens, what actions can be executed? I have shared my thoughts and my own experiences of working with dozens of partnerships plus a host of boards. In partnership, always start with the end of the mind. In worst-case scenarios what happens if we get extremely successful and they sh*t on me? What legal position am I in? What are the legalities in separating? What are the triggers to executing a legal step? Would I recommend partnership? Probably Not. I’m not saying that it will not work, of course, it works. I have witnessed some of the best partnerships that do work. Partnerships can work but personally being a single entrepreneur with a strong team around you is the best. Be the master of your own destiny. As Joe Rogan says, Keep hammering! If you have any question, comment down below! The Laptop Recruiter™

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