Podcast 140 - Why Your Recruitment Business Plateaus and How To Stop It

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When you started your Recruitment / Search business, everything felt right. You had a solid business idea, a good lead generation plan, a driven conversion model, and a competitive delivery system. And of course, you were passionate. In your first two or three years, your hard work and investment paid off. You grew faster than you projected. But now, you can't achieve that same success. You seem to be experiencing a feast and famine cycle and is stuck with the same revenue for multiple years now. If this sounds familiar, your Recruitment / Search business has reached a plateau. You’re probably feeling somewhat frustrated and more than a little concerned about the future of your Recruitment / Search business. The good news, however, is that with the right approach, systems, and models you can overcome plateaus and continue to achieve sustainable Recruitment / Search business growth. In this new video, I’ll be discussing why Recruitment / Search Company Plateaus? What’s the impact of that on your life and the life of people around you? and how can you fix it? Bare in mind that the business owner is the point of failure and success of the business, every single time! Now the big question is, “Andy, How do I Identify that my business is on the plateau?” To Identify where you are right now and what seems to be the problem causing your business to plateau, you need to check the “METRICS!” ✅What are the metrics behind leads; Clients & Candidates? ✅What are the metrics behind leads; Conversion appointments? ✅What are the metrics behind leads; Delivery? Any questions comment down below! If you want to reach out for my help, don't hesitate to DM me The Laptop Recruiter™ - Andy Whitehead

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