Podcast 142 - Low $100k's to $1M - What To Do & What Not To Do

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Low $100k's to $1M - What To Do & What Not To Do Breaking from low 6 figures into 7 figures is a difficult jump. You may be following me for a while now. Been reading my emails.. Or have listened to my podcasts. In these sessions, you may have seen one person do RRRR, saw someone else did the webinar strategy, and another used the CAS strategy. And asking yourself so what is it? What really is the tool or the strategy that will help you make that jump? Here are some key lessons that I've seen from our Inner Circle members who've made the jump from low 6 figures into pass 7 figures over the years. 1. Those who did it are direct, have accountability, have the ability to say ""I fucked up"", and at one time challenged me if I knew my stuff. 2. They all have the drive to change something in their business which means they would do things outside of their comfort zone. 3. They have built a habit of making a 30-day cycle in their Recruitment Search business. 4. When they came to us, they'd already accepted that the old model of Recruitment has changed. I covered in this video more in-depth key lessons that I've seen my members did in order to make that jump That jump is based on a plan, execution, feedback on that execution or metrics, and then implementing on that feedback. This pretty much boils down into 3 things: 1. Accountability 2. Acceptance that the model's fucked and 3. Drive to make a change Hopefully, this has been of use to you. And remember... You're a business owner. You need to get paid. The Laptop Recruiter™ Comment down your question or feel free to message me privately. Andy Whitehead

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