Podcast 145 - The Automation Rules For Recruitment Search Owner Director Success

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The Automation Rules For Recruitment Search Owner Director Success I just want to share with you a briefing about Automation. I want to simplify the Automation you need inside your Recruitment / Search Business. Just to be clear, you can Automate anything nowadays. So, be aware of the white lie that Automation saves your time. Every cause has an effect, so if you spent time trying to build this Automation, your time is NOT spent on another task. Don’t forget what the OUTCOME is, it’s about getting paid. Getting paid falls into 2 brackets: 1. You’re creating a business that brings predictable cash each month and each year⁣ 2. You’re creating an asset you can sell or exit. But, either way, remember your outcome, GET PAID. So, many people get lost in shiny objects. In Automation, what are we really looking to do here? Qualified leads en mass and High caliber candidates. We want to make sure that Automation is actually doing the right thing, there are 2 types of Automation that we should be thinking about:⁣ 1. Campaign Automation - You need Clients and Candidates NOW 2. Nurturing Automation - Day 14 to Day 365 Automation is about doing less. Remember in Recruitment / Search our job is even tougher because we’ve got almost 2 services, we’ve got to get Clients and Candidates. Automation is about being efficient and trying to simplify your world. Don't forget to message me directly or comment below your question! Andy Whitehead - The Laptop Recruiter™

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