Podcast 146 - Crush Your Competition and Get More High Fee Roles

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Crush Your Competition and Get More High Fee Roles Essentially, what most Recruitment / Search business owners do, is generate Client & Candidate leads, Convert the Client and Candidate leads and Deliver the candidates. Most businesses I know are better off focusing on getting a retained business rather than creating a systemized automated piece. Watch the video here: The Laptop Recruiter™ Facebook Group How do you convert more? I will be talking about the idea of a bigger picture and the concept that you will “Get Paid More”. When you get to that point then you will get a retained business and you get paid more. The outcome you should have: 1. You want to be the “no brainer” option to your clients 2. Get that first role with a new client and then you’ve got to deliver 3. Getting higher fees If you want to get higher fees in a niche and you want to be retained, the things you should understand are: 1. Your clients have other options: they have other Recruitment / Search Businesses that they can choose from. 2. Whether they are a one-man business themselves or a 30 billion pound a year corporate they’ve always got some form of internal recruitment: Human Resource, Talent Acquisition, or DIY (Do it yourself recruitment) 3. They’ve got a Preferred Supplies List You may be scared of being different but the reason why you are not converting more is that you are doing the same as everyone else. The Laptop Recruiter™ - Andy Whitehead Comment or Direct message your question to me

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