Podcast 153 - Your Niche - Why You Not Change It & How To Get More Successful In It

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Podcast 153 - Your Niche - Why You Not Change It & How To Get More Successful In It Why are you uncertain about your niche? As a Recruitment / Search business owner, you have 2 drivers that can position you to your client: 1st is your Recruitment / Search experience and 2nd is your industry experience. When we talk about a niche, there are 2 elements: The actual niche itself The experience as a Recruitment / Search expert When you have a question about the niche, that question is probably derived from you being uncertain about how you can achieve a million this year in that niche. You’re uncertain because of these 2 things: The niche is unstable or Your last 90 days or 6 months results are unstable What comes to your mind is likely... 2 years ago your business was doing well but now your business is at its lowest, it must be the niche. So, you will come up with an answer that maybe we need to change the niche. This is completely cool. HOWEVER, great success is not going on to a new niche. Be aware of deciding on changing your niche, only 0.2% of members I have seen who changed their niche was the right decision for them. Comment down your thoughts or message me directly! Andy Whitehead - The Laptop Recruiter™

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