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The podcast is all about online product launches for creators, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. On the show, we discuss and deconstruct online product launches with guests that are launching online courses, podcasts, masterminds, coaching, and all kinds of services from copywriting to fashion. The podcast comes out in seasons with each season focused on a specific topic. In Season 1 of the podcast we focus on online courses, diving into topics like cohort-based courses, email marketing, audience segmentation, creating irresistible offers, pricing strategies, traffic generation, mindset, course video creation, and more. You'll learn about launching businesses from scratch, growing your business, and scaling your product or service business. Every episode is accompanied with worksheets, transcripts, and you don't want to miss this. Hit the Follow button and get ready to level-up your launches. To continue the conversation, download the two-part ebook "Thirty Minute Launch". Use the first part of the ebook to pick a market, define your audience, and define your product or service. In the second part of the book, you'll find nuggets from every episode on The Launch Plan podcast. As a bonus, the ebook also gives you access to our customizable Podcast Launch Plan tool, go to

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