Insurtech pivot - stolen bikes to Insurance company? The LiiP with Meeri Rebane, Co-CEO, Inzmo

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We talk often of pivots in the start-up world but I have yet to speak to someone that truly pivoted - often I would argue it's a deviation. Today I was lucky enough to sit down with Meeri Rebane, Co-CEO of Inzmo, an insurance provider born out of a motorbike tracking business.

In the ultimate example of listening to customer feedback, Meeri told me how the business was born from the feedback they got from their original business model - tracking stolen bikes.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to spot a gap in the market - listen to your customers
  • The benefits of being an outsider - no pre-loaded restrictive attitude
  • The importance of luck How supportive insurance companies can be?
  • Time to build new products in Insurance can kill a new start-up! You need a plan!
  • How owning the customer experience is key to success
  • Benefits of the MGA model in product design and testing product
  • Why Inzmo moved to Berlin - talent. market size and investability (if that's a word?)
  • Why go B2B2C?
  • Talent challenges of Berlin - how to attract talent to a start-up?
  • Gamification of Insurance - can we make insurance as fun as other financial services?
  • Why can't we make money in certain lines of business - we need to challenge the status quo!
  • Marketing and advertising in personal lines - how to surpass that
  • The importance of strong partnerships and maintaining relationships
  • How to spot applicable trends in Insurance in a pandemic world

Thank you Meeri for being a great guest

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Our host is FinPro Director, Alex Bond

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