Replay E24 Women In Ketosis Secrets To Success With Shawn Mynar

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We loved our conversation from a while back with Shawn Mynar! So much so that we decided to play it again. One thing Eric and Chad can't completely relate too: being a woman. So Shawn Mynar guested to offer that perspective and talk all things health and keto.

Shawn's background and her mission to use food as medicine.

From autoimmune diseases to toxic mold: Shawn's pathway to the keto lifestyle.

What caused Shawn to make the switch from paleo to keto?

How is the ketogenic lifestyle different for women?

From hormones to stress, the challenges women face.

The importance of viewing keto as a LIFESTYLE rather than a diet.

Shawn's keto and her love of veggies and chocolate!

Finding your bigger WHY.

What exactly is the dance of the hormones?

Common MISTAKES women make when living in ketosis.

And how you can't undo damage that has been accumulating for a lifetime in a mere 6 or 8 weeks.

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