Ep. 80 - What Does it Look Like When God Judges a Nation?

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In today's episode, the guys talk about the signs of God’s judgment on nations. There are many people within the church who are hesitant and afraid to talk about the aspect of God judging, but this is an important part of the story of the gospel. In order for us to truly understand the gospel, we have to see Him as a judgemental God. In the Old Testament, a nation is important because of God’s plan to do something through them. In the New Testament, the nation changes from a homogenous group of people to His church. According to Revelation, every single country nation is essentially Babylon, a prostitute to God’s goodness. God promises to destroy Babylon.

Man derives pleasure from lawlessness and there is a fearful future that awaits those who indulge. We Christians simply can’t survive today’s day and age with just a brief devotion every morning. Rather, we need to grab a hold of God’s word and allow God’s word to go through us. The gospel is the ultimate hope for our nation. It’s easy to feel depressed and pessimistic when we look at the world around us, but the Gospel offers hope. We must not fear for our children to grow up in this world, but instead be honored that God chose us to parent the generation facing the biggest challenges of our lifetime. God isn't scratching His head trying to figure out what to do with this world. He is preparing an army to drive away the darkness and to make Himself known over all the world. People don’t look at sin from the perspective of a holy, righteous and pure God. From our own perspectives as sinners, it’s easier to brush off. One of the biggest disservices we can do is assimilate ourselves into the way of the world. We should be in the world, but not of the world and watch God’s transforming powers work through us. We as a nation have lost God’s blessings of long life, health and prosperity as we have turned our backs on Him. With God’s commandments, we are reminded, comes blessings for obedience. Restoration all begins with revivals and repentance within ourselves.

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