Skater Jordan Santana Discusses Her Olympic Dreams

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Jordan Santana is a Texan-born American skateboarder who’s training for the upcoming 2024 Olympic qualifiers and is one of the only females to do a 540 spin.

Jordan joins us to discuss what it’s like competing for a place in the Olympics, how much time she spends skating, and the best places to skate in Texas.

We also look at some skateboarding fail videos, some of the best tricks Jordan has ever done, and talk about the worst injury she’s ever had from skating.

“I was just going in but my foot was too much on the nose so I went to go press it in and I just fell off the board.” - Jordan Santana

What We Cover:

  • What training for Olympic skateboarding involves.
  • How Jordan got into skateboarding.
  • How much time Jordan spends skateboarding.
  • How skating in pools started.
  • What makes the 540 twist special.
  • The best skateboarders who inspired Jordan.
  • The best places to skate in Texas.
  • What it’s like competing for a space in the Olympics.
  • The worst injury Jordan’s ever had from skating.
  • Skateboarding fail videos.
  • Some of the best tricks Jordan has ever done.
  • The top skating events coming up for the rest of 2022.
  • The best skateboards and skating shoes.


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