#78 - 10 Ways To Make More Sales Using Instagram Live

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There's one feature on Instagram that most people are neglecting. This can work really well to make more sales in your business, build community with your audience and really let them get to know the real you? SO What actually is this feature? It's Instagram Live. I know most people cringe with the thoughts of using Instagram Live for their business for whatever reason pressing that live button scares the absolute life out of them. But the truth is that live does not have to be that scary and it can be a really good tool to use within your business to get more sales or more clients on board.
In this episode we cover:

  • what is Instagram Live
  • what are the benefits of Instagram Live
  • 10 ways to use Instagram Live to make more sales in your business
  • Bonus IG Live tips
  • How to repurpose your live & get more bang for your buck
  • Tools you can use to make your live videos even better

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