Ep. 985 - A Nation Divided Over Pregnant Men  

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the chasmic divide between the two sides in the culture war was put on full display during a Senate hearing in which a college professor claimed that men can get pregnant. Also, JK Rowling officially disavows me and breaks my heart in the process. She says that I’m really no different from a trans activist. But today we’ll talk about why that charge could more rightly be leveled at left wing feminists like herself. And a disturbing video goes viral showing two very young children in the inner city assaulting two police officers. What hope do kids have when they’re raised like that? Plus, John Bolton admits to planning coups in foreign countries while a remarkably incurious Jake Tapper sits and nods along. In our Daily Cancellation, Gavin Newsom signs a law that will open gun manufacturers up to lawsuits.

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