Ep. 998 - 'Gender Identity' Is Narcissism By Another Name 

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a “gender specialist” is caught on tape admitting that girls as young as 12 are having their breasts chopped off. One seemingly absurd and unimportant headline in the news today only further reveals the brutality and insanity of this practice. Also, voters in Kansas vote to protect the so-called constitutional right to abortion. How could this have happened in Kansas of all places? We’ll discuss. And Whoopi Goldberg laments that college graduates are starving to death because of their student loans. If that’s true, doesn’t it only further prove that college is a terrible investment? Plus, the LA Times promotes “death with dignity,” also known as suicide. The latest superhero film is so bad that the studio refuses to even release it. And in our Daily Cancellation, I respond to continued attacks from a conservative gun rights activist who claims that I’m hurting the conservative movement more than helping.

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