Ep. 287: Sea Cucumbers and People Meat

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Steven Rinella talks with Clay Newcomb, Spencer Neuharth, Chester Floyd, Phil Taylor, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: Our new series, Pardon My Plate; Spencer's bumper pool table; watch How to Clean a Sea Cucumber with Steve; echinoderms; what Steve found beachcombing after Japan's tsunami, including his USS Jimmy Carter submarine hat; fucosylated glycosaminoglycan; a sea cucumber sting op; BBQ fetus tasting notes; human foot meat and huevos rancher-toes; hyenas snacking on bones in a lava tube in Saudi Arabia; how hyena cubs with The Tox get bold in front of lions; over $14 billion to wildlife conservation; an ell, the tanned neck hide of a deer as Bear Grease Podcast cryptocurrency; defining apocryphal; bye, bye bitcoin and the end of Chester the Investor; an 1871 magazine article that ends with bear grease saving the day; Doug Duren and Jim Heffelfinger bonding; how real men cry and Jani is more sensitive than Steve; Phil's love of trivia and karaoke; what's the name for a female fox?; MeatEater's Benchmade Steep Country Knife; the origin of a mean mouth bass; and more.

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