#179 - Best of 2022 (Part 2): Farmer Lee Jones, Mark Schatzker, Dr. Sherry Ross, A.J. Jacobs, Max Lugavere, Dr. Steven Gundry, And More!

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8:05 - Farmer Lee Jones: Eating Your Vegetable Tops

12:25 - Mark Schatzker: Does More Vitamin Fortification Equal More Obesity?

17:35 - Dr. Sheryl Ross: Freezing Your Eggs

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24:30 - A.J. Jacobs: Unifying People Through Puzzles

28:00 - Max Lugavere: Veganism and Brain Health

33:05 - Dr. Steven Gundry: Mitochondrial Uncoupling

38:25 - Dr. Morgan Levine: Measuring Biological Age

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49:45 - Ari Whitten: Chronic Fatigue

55:00 - John Gray (Part 1): Prioritizing Your Partner

59:45 - Dr. David Perlmutte: Gender And Uric Acid

1:07:50 - Simon Hill: Lectins and other Antinutrients

1:13:35 - Mark Sisson: The Concept Of Play In Our History

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