High Performers and Stress – A Personal Story

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Heart-centered leaders and professionals tend to put others first, often neglecting their health and wellness while continually thinking they will get to it tomorrow. We know that this creates a habit of self-neglect and we never get to put ourselves first, so we can be at our best to take care of others.

In this week’s episode, I’m talking with you about the relationship between high performers and stress and how it can manifest itself in some interesting ways. I’ll also share some information about how mental health issues are impacting the workplace during this pandemic.

Plus, I’ll share a personal story about how stress has directly impacted me over these past few months and what I’m doing to take better care of myself.

Key Topics & Time Stamps:

· Setting the Stage for Today’s Episode (0:40)

· Sharing a Book Review (1:49)

· Dealing with Stress (3:43)

· Identifying Stressors (5:05)

· Dealing with a Sense of Loss (6:09)

· The Relationship Between High Performers and Stress (8:56)

· Being Gentle is Key (13:50)

· My Personal Story About Stress and What Recently Happened to Me (15:10)

· Your Weekly Challenge (24:45)

List of Resources:

· Your Mid-Career GPS – Four Steps to Figuring Out What’s Next by John Neral

· SHOW UP - Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career by John Neral

· Mental Health Steps Out of the Shadows by Amy Landry from Corporate Compliance Insights
· Episode 35 – “I’m Going to Make This Happen” with Amy Landry

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