Sufficiency & Your Job Search

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Have you ever wondered if you were good enough for a job? As an active job seeker, you are looking at many opportunities and self-evaluating whether you are good enough to perform those duties.

In this episode, I’m expanding on Trusting Your GPS in Your Job Search (Episode 40) to discuss with you the ways you can identify how sufficient you are for a particular job or role and where your brain wants to default by telling you that you are not good enough and shouldn’t waste your time.

Coming from a place of sufficiency isn’t about lying to yourself. Instead, it’s about taking an honest look at how talented you are, moving past the negative self-talk, and learning how to SHOW UP from a place of abundance rather than a place of deficit.

Key Topics & Time Stamps:

· What You’ll Learn in This Episode (0:00)

· Defining Sufficiency (1:50)

· Looking for Jobs and Determining Your Sufficiency (4:24)

· Networking and Your Sufficiency (7:30)

· Being Sufficient When Interviewing (11:20)

· You Are Enough (15:11)

· Sharing a Teachable Moment About My Sufficiency Lesson (16:19)

List of Resources:

· Episode 40: Trusting Your GPS in Your Job Search

· SHOW UP - Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career

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