66. Malice in the Palace | Michael Malice & Mikhaila Peterson

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Michael Malice returns to the podcast to dig into all types of topics; travel during lockdowns, the police, anarchy manuals, mental health, differences in Russian and Western social interactions, podcasting, and traditional versus self-publishing are just some of the topics Mikhaila and Michael do the opposite of tip-toe around in this episode.

Michael Malice is a New York City-based author, podcaster, columnist, and media personality. He is a champion and proponent of free speech, anarchy, and many other non-mainstream ideals.

Find more Michael Malice on Twitter @michaelmalice, and on Youtube Channel @Michael Malice

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Shownotes: [2:00] Mikhaila Peterson introduces the guest Michael Malice who is returning to the podcast for a second round of jokes and controversial topics. [2:30] Michael starts the episode off with a critique of the rescind derogatory Jordan Peterson Times Interview Article, baby jane, and possible Carnivore barbie branding? [8:30] Michael talks about being on the Joe Rogan podcast in Joe’s new studio [11:00] Mikhaila asks Michael about his traveling during the pandemic, lockdowns, and police. [20:00] Asking what to do about the possibility of extended lockdowns? [23:30] Mikhaila and Michael discuss moving due to covid lockdowns, and where to go. [27:30] Highlighting the impact of instability and negative mental health triggers caused by extended lockdowns [32:30] Michael elaborates on his new books on anarchy, hopefully publishing in late 2021 [39:00] Debating the pros and cons of traditional versus self-publishing [46:00] Comparing experiences interviewing Yeon-mi Park. What are some of the differences between North Korea and other Asian cultures? [50:30] Examining the struggles of immigrants in new environments and dealing with negative local phobias surrounding certain cultures and people. [52:00] Michael talks about his upcoming trip to Russia, differences in Russian social culture [1:00:00] Malice reviews his recent fun experiences with his podcast and expanding guest pool [1:02:30] Common misconceptions about podcasting and the future of podcasting. [1:06:30] Talking Andrew Cuomo and scandal narratives that are changed and created by media [1:11:00] Wrapping up the show. Find more Michael Malice on Twitter @michaelmalice, and on Youtube Channel Michael Malice

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