72. Eat Smarter with Shawn Stevenson

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Mikhaila Peterson and Shawn Stevenson discuss a variety of diet and health-related topics. Shawn’s own struggles as a young man lead to a passion for nutrition and helping others in pain have the confidence to make decisions that bring hope and progress into recovery. They also touch on mindset in the healing process, Epi-caloric controls on metabolism, getting second opinions in the world of medicine, increasing rates of health problems in health professionals, microbiome, taking responsibility for your own health decisions, and much more.

Shawn Stevenson is an author and nutritionist. He wrote the best-selling books Sleep Smarter, and Eat Smarter. Shawn was able through diet, research, and lifestyle choices to overcome a debilitating diagnosis of degenerative disc disease as a young adult. He has a whole philosophy of work that can be explored on his website TheModelHealthShow.com

Find more Shawn Stevenson on TheModelHealthShow.com, Eat Smarter and his other books, and check out eatsmarterbook.com

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