76. WTF Are NFT’s | Matt Medved – Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

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Mikhaila and Matt Medved discuss buying and selling NFT’s online. An NFT is a non-fungible token and a way for digital pieces or content to be authenticated as original or a part of a limited release by individuals or businesses. Mikhaila and Matt talk about NFT creation, selling, purchasing, transfer, platforms, viewing, value, new markets, and more.

Matt Medved is a DJ, musician, journalist, producer, currently the Senior Vice President of digital content at Modern Luxury, previously editor and chief of Spin magazine, the founder of Billboard Dance, and the co-founder of NFT Now (a new podcast dedicated to NFT content). He is a champion of this new collectible marketplace and shares a passion to help creators profit from their original content.

Find more Matt Medved on Instagram @mattmedved, Twitter @mattmedved, and follow NFTnow for more NFT related news.

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