118. Stop Living for the Weekends and Start Living Your Purpose With Jeff Ragan from KiZE Concepts

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We’ve all had that job that causes us to dread Sunday nights, and count down the minutes until Friday at 5pm. Some of you might even be living that now.
Today we are talking with Jeff Ragan from KiZE concepts. Jeff recognized early on that the majority of people are living for the weekend and he was determined to create a company culture that allowed his team to not just live Friday-Sunday, but also have a career that allows them to live with purpose throughout the week as well.

During our time with Jeff, we learned so much. Jeff is a fellow Millennial who has so much wisdom and he doesn’t hold back from sharing that in this episode. Jeff and his team at KiZE are doing some amazing things for this world, and we cannot wait for you to hear more today. Be sure when you order your KiZE bars, you use the link below for 20% off.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jeff’s story.
  • The weekend mentality.
  • The importance of the small steps and not skipping learning moments.
  • The mission behind Kize Concepts.

More on Jeff Ragan:

More on The Millennial Mission/Links Mentioned in Episode:

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