119. Make your Life Easier by Having These Notes in your Phone

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Ever made a to-do list on a piece of paper, and then lost the paper?

Communication, organization, and being on the same page are all things Corey and I have struggled through. Over the last several years, we have tried to implement tools to help us with all of those things, but sometimes the tools that people “sell” are cumbersome and don’t stick.

We are all about simple. The simpler, the better and the more it will stick with our lives. We are about taking away from the chaos, not adding to it.

With that being said, the notes app is one of those super simple tools that you might not be utilizing to the fullest, and if you’re not you should be! It’s something that you carry around with you everywhere without even a second thought, it’s free, and if you use it correctly it has the ability to lighten your mental load in a major way. Today we share how we use this powerful little app, and give suggestions on how you can too!

Listen today to find out how!

Episode Highlights:

  • Corey tries to get started on the episode but Bethany keeps interrupting him with random questions.
  • The benefits of using your notes in your phone.
  • The 5 notes to create and utilize in your phone to make your life easier.
  • Bethany and Corey share their most embarrassing moments EVER.

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