121. Want to discover your True Purpose? with Stephanie Shackelford and Bill Denzel

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"What should I do with my life?

What is my purpose?

What should I do next?"

If you have ever asked any of the above questions, you are absolutely in the right place! Today on the show we have Stephanie Shackelford and Bill Denzel and together they wrote a book that dives deep into those very questions and more. I feel so lucky because I get to pick their brains about my absolute favorite topic (purpose) and share it with all of you today!

This book is backed with both scripture and years of research. It’s so powerful, and even includes a 4-step process to help you discover your purpose. If this is something you’ve been hoping to dig deeper into, You on Purpose is such an amazing tool.

Click the links below to get your copy and find out more.

Episode Highlights:

  • A little on Barna research.
  • Purpose vs. happiness. Which should we chase?
  • Why conformity and checklists might be holding you back from your true purpose.
  • The importance of taking action and not overthinking it.

More on Stephanie Shackelford:

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