Setting Your STANDARDS Through Exercise with Kevin McShan

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Multimedia Journalist and Motivational Speaker Kevin McShan joins us on this episode of the Million Dollar Body. Kevin hosts the "Let's Have This Conversation" podcast, which focuses on bringing diverse content in a large assortment of diverse content in all facets of our news cycle. From news, sports, business technology, fitness, lifestyle, entertainment and politics. McShan hopes to bring the viewers an informative, thought-provoking experience.

Feeding an insatiable appetite for distributing knowledge and information to all people and telling their stories of inspiration and courage is what truly drives Kevin as a podcaster and in life.

Kevin lives with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. However, rather than dwell on his personal restrictions the greatest gift he could ever give to the world is to celebrate his life and all of the life lessons he's been put on earth to teach and all of the wisdom he's gained through his disability, and he seeks to help others, of all walks of life, share their story as well.

While other look at Kevin and think "What an inspirational person" Kevin believes that he's simply consistent, and by DOING the mundane action that he knows are important, each and every day, he can inspire more people to greatness than a single event, speech, or podcast.

Join us for an awesome convesation with Kevin and his personal support worked Alan Strilchuck and make sure to check out the Let's Have this Conversation podcast here:

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