Burnout and "Sips of Rest" with Heather Carlson, MA, MFTC

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Heather Carlson’s career in Marriage and Family Therapy comes after nearly a decade of corporate media sales and another 10 years as a full-time parent raising three children with her partner of over 20 years. Her clinical experience began with work in an addiction and mental health treatment facility where she lead weekly group therapy and worked as a family therapist. Heather trained with an Emotionally Focused Therapy supervisor to develop and refine her EFT skills and create a foundation for her work through an attachment therapy lens. In addition to her private practice, Heather has been developing curriculums for group experiences and workshops since 2018. She recently developed a women's retreat called Deep Rest which focuses on overcoming the obstacles and challenges that prevent many women from rest and self-cafe. The retreat experience is research based leaning on a mix of neuroscience, psychotherapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy interventions, and experiential group activities to help participants understand what gets in the way of taking care of themselves, and how to create a realistic self-care practice in today's demanding pace of life.



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