101. Embrace Shifting Seasons

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Inspired by fall back and the impending transition from fall to winter.

In our harried technology-filled lives of the 21st century, our schedules create extra hours of light and artificially lengthen activity, even when the earth’s natural rotation and orbit around the sun changes the duration of natural daylight hours.

Animals instinctually change with the seasons. It’s built into their DNA. If they do not change with the seasons, their existence is threatened.

Humans override these patterns of nature around us - largely due to the lure of technology and our focus on productivity.

Can you enjoy what’s in season rather than resist it?

What would it look like to embrace the current season in all the ways?

What season of life are you in?

What season of your career are you in?

Are you resisting the seasons you are in?

Where are you pretending you are in a different season?

What might shift if you actually embraced the season you were in?

If you want to find calm, contentment, and a clear and meaningful path forward in areas of your life beyond relationships, I invite you to explore private mindful coaching with Dr. Mahoney www.jessiemahoneymd.com

If you want to develop a mindfulness practice, reach out to Dr. Liang www.awakenbreath.org

*Nothing in this episode should be considered medical advice.

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