94. Allow Yourself To Be Human

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Having human expectations of humans is healthy. This episode invites you to notice where your expectations of yourself and others may be unrealistic, unhealthy, and maybe even harmful.

Having human expectations of ourselves is healthy, healing, and an act of compassion.

Humans struggle. Humans are messy and perfectly imperfect.

Having human expectations of yourself is a powerful act of self-compassion. It's fierce self-compassion.

Struggling is not a problem or a weakness. Struggling about struggling adds unnecessary suffering.

Listen to discover the high costs of having a non-human "manual" for yourself. We can’t do it all.

Humans are unique and different. Honoring your authentic priorities, wishes and desires, without judgment, is an act of tender self-compassion.

We each have different contributions to make.

We are all on different paths at different times to different dreams.

When we follow our hearts and act from a position of love,

we act with strength, clarity, and grace.

If you are a mom or a physician or both you may not have human expectations of yourself. Coaching helps tremendously.

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You can also practice and ENJOY being human at a retreat. https://www.jessiemahoneymd.com/retreats

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If you want to develop a mindfulness practice, reach out to Dr. Liang www.awakenbreath.org

*Nothing in this episode should be considered medical advice.

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