Episode 36--Finding Our Meaning and Purpose through Self-Journey with Dr. Yvette Erasmus

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Billy and Brian sit down with teacher, writer, psychologist, and consultant Dr. Yvette Erasmus to discuss:
--how she feels about her daughter's change of plans to forego college and live with her for another year--her recent trip to Alexandria, Egypt, in which she closed a chapter in her life
--her recent trip to Ireland to support a friend through adventure
--the difference between the journeyer and the explorer and how those approaches to finding meaning in life can add fulfillment
--how someone can go on an exploration or a journey without ever leaving their home (but why it's important to get out of familiar surroundings as well)
--what Billy's purpose during his upcoming trip to Portugal (and beyond!)
Like what you heard from Dr. Yvette Erasmus? Contact her at:
Website: www.yvetteerasmus.com
Email: yvette@yvetteerasmus.com
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