📻 How to win with offline marketing for a mobile app - with Adam Hadi, VP of Marketing at Current 🏆

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Our guest today is Adam Hadi, VP of Marketing at Current. Adam has been a guest before on the show - and has been a guest on our other show How Things Grow, and we are thrilled to have him back.
Adam talks about how Current has gone beyond Facebook and Google, exploring additional channels - both online and offline. He discusses why they did this - and how they account for complexities of a typical user’s acquisition and adoption path, how they use a mix of messaging and channels effectively to build trust, and how they think about measuring and tracking impact in the absence of precisely attributable data.
This is very much a masterclass on adapting to the uncertain, unclear paradigm that a transition to offline marketing often entails. Enjoy!
📋 How attribution has changed at Current
🤯 Attribution becomes more complex with more channels
🌳 The impact of a long product lifecycle on attribution
🤲 How Current serves an underrepresented group
🏦 Why banking is a high retention sector
🤝 Building trust is very important in fintech
🗺️ The different paths to becoming a customer
📍 It is important to know where your customers are
🧗 Mapping out the multi-step user journey
🌈 Different strokes for different categories
👍 Leveraging the implied trust of offline and traditional channels
🧨 Why influencers generate a huge boost
🍊 Apples and oranges: hyper casual and fintech
🎨 The spectrum of direct response
☑️ How to draw the right conclusion from the wrong marketing move
🎚️ The nuances of fintech products
🚀 The impetus to embrace offline channels
🎢 Understanding the stakes of apps
↕️ Banking naturally lends itself to measuring uplift
⚖️ Different challenges for changing scales
🧩 Putting the pieces of user attribution puzzle together
🎤 Qualitative insight from customer interviews is very enlightening
⏳ The importance of predictive events for optimizing a long acquisition cycle
🔮 Data Science is the future
Check out the show notes here: https://mobileuseracquisitionshow.com/episode/how-to-win-with-offline-marketing-for-a-mobile-app-with-adam-hadi-vp-of-marketing-at-current/
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