S1 E15: Healthy Home Design (with Ashley Spanovich of Awakening Spaces)

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In this last episode of Season 1, we hear from Denver-based Non-Toxic Interior Designer and Environmental Health Coach, Ashley Spanovich, on how to create a safe, healthy, and beautiful home environment. After battling with health issues due to toxic mold exposure in her living space, Ashley started her multi-faceted design service, Awakening Spaces, which combines her interior design skills and her studies in conscious construction with her newfound passion for helping environmentally susceptible individuals get the education and resources they need to heal and thrive in their homes. She shares how to properly remove and prevent mold, how to reduce electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure from our electronics, how to purify the water and air in our homes, and what to consider when purchasing new furniture and other home essentials. It’s an info-packed episode, so be sure to head to www.kristinsigmund.com/podcast for links to everything we mention. You can find Ashley and Awakening Spaces on Instagram @awakeningspaces and www.awakeningspaces.com.

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