Creating a Digital Strategy in a Virtual World

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Our strategy kickstarts are bite-sized engagements with banquet results—to help launch your digital initiatives quickly, easily and without risk. Our proven ideation process takes you from ideation to action-plan in as little as two weeks. Naturally, we’ve had to adapt this highly collaborative face-to-face process in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In today’s Modern Digital Enterprise, the digital transformation podcast from Anexinet, GM & Executive VP of Digital, Al Sporer speaks with Sr. Digital Strategist, James Hoshor on how Anexinet is maintaining, and even improving, the quality of its strategy kickstart process by virtualizing our strategy ideation sessions for the new normal. Further, James discusses our strategies for facilitating large virtual groups and ensuring success by providing additional client-training on the new digital tools.

Finally, the episode describes how organizations are dealing with the current disruption and adapting to the new normal, along with showcasing some real-world lessons on how virtualization has actually helped improve collaboration across departments and increased efficiency and productivity (while reducing costs) for many of our clients.

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