Ep. 44 MongoDB Champions Series Ep 1 - Nuri Halperin

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The Champions program rewards and recognizes our most active and enthusiastic community members at every stage of their MongoDB journey. From university students to veteran developers, Champions will have the opportunity to help drive the direction of our technologies while making meaningful contributions to the community. In this first episode of the series, we're talking with Nuri Halperin of Plus N Consulting. Nuri has been a long-time supporter of MongoDB and a constant community advocate. His knowledge of the platform is as wide as it is deep. In this episode, Nuri talks about the value of Community and gets deep as he shares his views on data modeling, and the use of ODM's and ORM's as a development philosophy. Nuri's Pluralsight profile and links to his courses can be found here. Read more about the MongoDB Champions in the MongoDB Community Forums.

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