Ep. 47 Safe, Smart, and Driven with Agero and MongoDB

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Agero is powering the next generation of software-enabled driver safety services and technology, pushing the limits of big data to transform the entire driving experience. The majority of leading vehicle manufacturers and insurance providers use Agero’s solutions to strengthen their businesses and create stronger, lasting connections with their customers. Together, Agero is making driving smarter and safer for everyone.

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss how Agero is using MongoDB as the backbone of their business in the insurance provider industry.

This episode features Bernie Gracy, Chief Digital Officer, and JP Dhabolt, Principal Software Architect at Agero, Inc.

Guest Information

Bernie Gracy, Chief Digital Officer Bernie holds seven patents, with others pending. So he’s right at home with all aspects of technology development, architecture, infrastructure, and innovation for a rapidly evolving ecosystem powered by digital, mobile, the cloud, location-based services, and IoT.

As Chief Digital Officer, Bernie's 30 years of technology experience, energy and insight are helping Agero drive new product/platform introduction, client delivery, and the establishment of new software-enabled business models.

JP Dhabolt, Principal Software Architect. Agero, Inc. Hard working professional with 17 years of experience in information technology support and maintenance. Skilled in handling multiple projects as a team leader and team member in high stress, quickly changing situations. Strong analytical abilities with an eye for detail. Track record of quickly adapting to new concepts and technologies, and a genuine love for learning.

As always, this episode is hosted by Nic Raboy and Mike Lynn from MongoDB.

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