Ep. 50 The Redmonk Language Report with Stephen O'Grady

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Stephen O'Grady is a Co-Founder and Principal Analyst at Redmonk, the developer-focused industry analyst firm. Stephen is joined by Rachelle Palmer, Sr. Product Manager at MongoDB along with Michael and Nic to talk about Redmonk's latest Software Industry Language report. This report ranks language popularity using data from sites such as GitHub, and Stack Overflow.

Rachelle brings her extensive experience at MongoDB, and specifically in the driver space to the conversation and we uncover and discuss some surprises from the report.

You can review the report here: https://redmonk.com/sogrady/2021/03/01/language-rankings-1-21/

Join us in the MongoDB Community Forums to chat about this episode, the Language report and any thing related to MongoDB.

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