Ep. 66 The Road to Atlas #4 - The Road Ahead with Cailin Nelson, and Sahir Azam

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Welcome to the final episode in a series we're calling The Road to Atlas. In this series, my co-hosts, Jesse Hall, and Nic Raboy will talk with some of the people responsible for building, and launching the platform that helped to transform MongoDB as a company. beginning with Episode 1, the On ramp to Atlas we chatted with Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer, and Andrew Davidson, VP of Product about the strategic shift from a software company to a software as a service business.

In episode 2, Zero to Database as a Service, we chatted with Cailin Nelson, Executive Vice President of Cloud, and Cory Mintz, Vice President of Engineering - about Atlas as a product and how it was built and launched.

In episode 3, entitled Going Mobile, we talked with Alexander Stigsen, Founder of the Realm Mobile Database which has become a part of the Atlas Platform.

And finally, In this, episode 4, we’ll wrap the series up with a panel discussion and review some of our valued customer comments about the platform with Cailin Nelson, Executive Vice President of Cloud and Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer.

Many thanks to Jim McClarty, Software Architect at Keller Williams Realty, Inc. and Gaspard Petit, Software Architect at Square Enix for their feedback and comments about MongoDB and the MongoDB Atlas platform.

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