Ep. 77 A Look at Modern Healthcare Technology Solutions with Luca Vicentini

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On this episode of the MongoDB Podcast, we chat with Luca Vicentini, Senior Manager & Cloud Specialist Lead in SDG Group. We discuss how to use MongoDB securely when dealing with healthcare applications.

Luca Vicentini, Senior Manager & Cloud Specialist Lead in SDG Group, a Global management consulting firm specialized in Big Data & Analytics, talked with us about DocDot, an in house developed application for continuous health care on a platform enabling telemonitoring, televisit, teleprescription and geolocalization services through a smartphone app thanks to the MongoDB Technology which allowed to manage real-time data in a more efficient and flexible way with a level of security aligned with the market medical standards.


https://content.sdggroup.com/en/sdg-group-docdot https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucavicentini/

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