MongoDB Update - December 21 - MongoDB.Live Call for Speakers

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The Conference is happening July 13-14, 2021 and the Call for Speakers is Open! Get your talk ready. is where the world’s fastest-growing data community comes to connect, explore, and learn. We have not yet determined a final date and will provide you with updates as they become available.


Take a look at our topics and see where your talks idea might fit:

  • How We Built It - Highlighting use cases, challenges, database migrations, and teams building amazing things with MongoDB.
  • Working with Data - Schema design, transactions, aggregations, and everything related to working with data.
  • Scaling - Strategies to scale your data, your performance, your clusters, and application best practices for scaling.
  • Mobile & IoT Development - App architecture, data sync, and robust design patterns for the unique challenges and limitations of Mobile and IoT platforms.
  • Web & Backend Development - Developing web apps, running backend services, using serverless resources, and connecting all of these to MongoDB.
  • Security & Compliance - Database security, encryption, compliance, and how to ensure your data is using the best practices in security.
  • Operations & Tools - MongoDB configuration, automation, analytics, tiered storage, operations strategies, and best practices for managing MongoDB deployments.
  • Make It Matter - Topics like diversity & inclusion, accessible apps, mental health, and other non-technical subjects that are of interest to a technical audience.

Visit for more information and to submit your talk

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