Ep. 3 Normalising Feeding Support with Kate from Milky Business

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I’ve been following Kate from Milky Business for some time now, and as soon as I read this statement on her website I knew we were on the same page in the same book...“I love working with babies. While this is true, I’m really in it for the mothers. I am passionate about supporting women to have the best experience possible as they transform into a mother, whether it be for the first or fifth time. I want every woman to have the knowledge and skills she needs to have a journey that she is proud of and can reflect on positively...”

This third episode of The Mother First podcast not only highlights the services that are available to mamas when it comes to feeding but it emphasises the importance of having the confidence to put you first, to mother yourself first and to consider having a lactation expert in your back pocket when preparing for the birth of your baby.


Because too often we’re left to figure it out on our own, or not through our own fault we assume knowing how to do it will all come naturally (breastfeeding or bottle feeding) and I wonder why we don't have a lactation consultant ready and waiting in the wings to guide and nurture us as we navigate such a foreign new skill?

I hope you find this podcast useful!

Warmest love, Laura x

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