Bonus: Goodbye Season 4, Hello Season 5

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Season 4 of The Murder Police Podcast was about as education as a death investigation podcast can get.

We covered Forensic Pathology with Dr. Greg Davis, The Murder of Joseph Trevor Dilger (the art of Murder and Arson investigation to bring justice). Cold Case Investigations with Detective Rob Wilson and Missing Persons 101 with Detective David Hester.

All of these will have the listener prepared for the journey The Murder Police Podcast is about to embark on next.

Season 5 will bring missing and unsolved cases on board, adding them to the case investigations everyone is used to hearing.

The first case will be Michael Gorley, an adult man missing from Kentucky for the last 6 years, and the family presumes murdered. You will hear that despite having a last known location, witnesses to his presence there and a tight (but suspiciously wavering) timeline; Michael goes unfound.

It is way passed time that the mystery of what happened to Michael, comes to a close.

Join The Murder Police Podcast as we continue to advocate for crime victims, and educate the listener on how true crime, is really investigated.

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