Ep. 129: Regenerative Soil Microscopy: the Book, Course & Database (feat. Matt Powers)

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**Support the Kickstarter and be part of the sea change in understanding soil health!**
(Campaign ends 7/17/22)
Today on Mushroom Hour we're grace by the presence of Matt Powers (M.Ed) - author, educator, citizen scientist, entrepreneur, and family guy who teaches people all over the world how to live more regeneratively. Personally driven by a deep desire to have the best food possible for his wife and cancer-survivor, Adriana, and their two boys. Matt, a former public high school teacher with a Masters degree in Education, is creator of over a dozen online courses and author of over 20 books on permaculture and regenerative soil science - The Permaculture Student series and the Regenerative Soil Trilogy are just a couple examples. Matt is also the host of A Regenerative Future, the podcast and Youtube show, where he interviews leaders in the regenerative space and shares his own work and insights. I'm excited to learn all about the soil ecosystem, regenerative soil microscopy and more!

  • Searching for Health in the Soil
  • Horizontal Gene Transfer in Soil Microbes
  • Hallmarks of Soil Health
  • Importance of Bacterial & Fungal Endophytes
  • Critical Role of E. Coli in Soil Ecosystems
  • Rhizophagy
  • Microbes Shaped by and Shaping Their Surrounding Ecology
  • Developing an Open-Source Soil Health Database
  • Organic Matter in Soil and Nutrient Density in Plants
  • Advantages of Farms and Producers Sharing Markers of Soil Health
  • Process of Performing Soil Microscopy
  • Dark Field and Epifluorescence
  • Regenerative Soil Microscopy Kickstarter
  • Community-Based Tools, Knowledge and Solutions
  • Power Found in Understanding Soil


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