Ask Me Anything: November ‘22

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Today’s episode is this month's "Ask Me Anything" where I get to answer the questions you’ve been sending in! In the AMA section of this episode, I discuss topics ranging from discovering a more definitive way of diagnosing a narcissist to how trauma can build up and eventually turn a person into a narcissist. I’ll also discuss why a narcissist will never apologise and take ownership of their actions and my stories of how my narcissistic ex-husband gained narcissistic supply by showing fake empathy.

If you’re listening to this at the start of November ‘22, make sure you join my FREE "Inside The Mindset of a Narcissist" Masterclass on Sunday, 6th November! You can sign up here:

Questions in this episode include:

  • Am I the narcissist?
  • Why does a narcissist never apologise?
  • If someone shows empathy, does this mean they can't be a narcissist?

My aim for these episodes is to make sure I’m discussing topics that directly impact you, so I hope my answers help you in a strong recovery from narcissistic abuse. Every first Tuesday of each month is an "Ask Me Anything" episode, so please send in your questions to where we will endeavor to answer them either in these Ask Me Anything episodes or as a topic for a full episode!


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