Coping Strategies With The Narcissist At Christmas & The Holiday Season

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It’s almost Christmas time again and the holiday season is starting to get into its swing! Because of the rapidly approaching festive season, I want to share with you how to cope with the narcissist over the next month as it’s very common for the narcissist to ramp up their aggressiveness at this time of the year. From dealing with Christmas dinners with a narcissist to who has the kids for certain events, the holiday season can be really demanding for those who have to deal with a narcissist, so listen in so you can learn how you can cope over the holidays.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to minimize the time you spend with a narcissist over the holidays
  • Ways to stop the narcissist from getting their supply
  • The traps narcissists will set under the guise of holiday spirit

I’ll also discuss how to set up a new communication method if you need to communicate with a narcissistic person without letting them back into your life. I hope this episode helps you prepare and plan for a great holiday time and helps you stop the narcissist in their tracks so they can’t ruin your festivities.


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