056 Will My Life Ever Be The Same After the Narcissist?

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Today's episode is about positive psychology and how I use it in the work I do. First, we will define what positive psychology is and talk about its origin and purpose. Then we will go through the PERMAH model, and finally, we will discuss post-traumatic growth and why we must remain curious about it.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- What positive psychology is, and where it comes from

- What is the PERMAH model, and how it can help us increase happiness and decrease anxiety

- Why it seems impossible to think about growth at some stages of narcissistic abuse

- What it means to do the somatic work, and how it can help us

Focusing on the six pillars of the PERMAH model when we are coming out to heal our narcissistic trauma is the best way of levelling up our well-being. If we focus too often on the things we don't want from our past, we might get stuck in the past, and then growing will become more challenging.


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