86: How French healthcare stacks up with Robin Davis

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Which country has the best healthcare system? It’s a question that is regularly tossed around, particularly as America’s healthcare system looks more and more broken with every passing year. The stories of Americans putting off doctor’s visits due to fees and the fear that a costly ailment will be discovered are so common they seem pulled directly from a dystopian novel.

In comparison, experts look to the Australians, Brits, Dutch, Germans, Swiss, and French who have strong public health systems, some reliant on government and some on private insurers for their universal coverage. In France, Public insurance covers between 70 percent and 80 percent of costs. Voluntary health insurance, which we call mutuelles, can cover the rest. The Ministry of Health establishes funds and budgets and regulates everything from number of hospital beds available to the price for procedures and medications.

Over the last five to six years, I’ve seen more doctors and specialists for a variety of reasons than I ever have in my entire life. My out-of-pocket costs are relatively low and my reimbursements come quite swiftly. What I can’t speak to with firsthand experience is what it’s like navigating the French system with a life-threatening health issue.

Robin Davis, an American journalist and TV producer currently working in an international organization in Paris, was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 3 years ago. She joins the show today to talk about that experience, the quality of care she received throughout a traumatic time, and how the French system really stacked up when she needed it the most.
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