S2E10: How I Became a Hypnotherapist with Juliet Obodo

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I always used to feel self conscious growing up because I didn’t have a single passion and always felt jealous of others who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. Even on the show, we’ve had a few guests who told me there’s only one thing they ever considered as a career like Jen Kramer, who knew she wanted to be a magician as a child, and Matt Miller last week, who grew up only wanting to skateboard.

That’s why I loved talking with this week’s guest Juliet Obodo who’s had many career changes like me. She started as a top sales rep and manager, then published 2 books (a travel guide & fantasy novel which both became Amazon bestsellers), then had her own six figure freelance mobile app design business until she burnt out and decided to try hypnotherapy. In this episode, I chat with Juliet about what being hypnotized for the first time was like, why that experience caused her to give up her six figure sales business to become a full time hypnotherapist, and what her day to day is like.

To learn more about Juliet Obodo, check out our show notes at https://www.thenewschoolpodcast.com/episodes/julietobodo

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